Our bespoke GDPR Physical Security Service includes:-
  • Practical Solutions (reference to Article 3)
  • Offer end of life destruction of hard drives etc and can issue a certificate of destruction
  • Source and supply the necessary hardware:
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Adapting to Physical GDPR Security

It is now more important than ever for business’s from micro to the large organisations to be compliant to the GDPR regulation. This means making sure all your data is secured from hacking, accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed & theft.

While most business seem to be taking the digital prevention on board, a lot are forgetting and not preparing the Physical Security.

It can be as simple as updating the Locks on the Doors or Windows, updating File Storage, updating safes to include laptops, show compliance by protecting what you have

With remote working becoming more popular the physical security of laptops and mobile devices is now become more important then ever.
The good news for business is that we can offer the solution for your GDPR physical security needs.

Examples of practical physical security measures are:-

  • keeping offices and storage units locked
  • keeping server rooms or cabinets locked
  • cabling desktop machines and laptops to desks
  • implementing clean desk policies
  • ensuring that fire and burglar alarms are in place and that they are functioning correctly
  • ensuring that IT equipment such as hard drives and old laptops, computers and mobile devices are securely disposed of at end of life
  • Windows – Privacy (Tinted Film), Screens-Grilles
  • Doors – Hardware Locks – Master Key – Door Security Rating (EN1627-2011)


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